For personal and professional reasons I recently decided to return to the UK after nine years managing health services in Guernsey.

Having worked in NHS management for 10 years, before spending a further 10 years in the private health sector, the NHS was a natural place for me to look for employment. I recalled that a few years ago it was positively seeking candidates with non-NHS experience.

I have been disappointed at the lack of interest in my skills and experience from prospective NHS employers, many of whom referred to my lack of recent NHS experience as an impediment. This surprised me, as I met the generic job criteria for every post I applied for.

There is a clear warning here for any NHS managers contemplating broadening their career by pursuing related health management experience in nonNHS settings. Think carefully about the problem you may have in returning to the NHS.

I write this letter not in bitterness. I have secured a senior position in the UK - in housing.

Alan Hodgkinson Chief executive States of Guernsey Board of Health