Oxford Radcliffe Hospital trust medical director Chris Bunch is the man who will chair BAMM from next year. Dr Bunch was elected as vice-chair at this year's conference and will take over in a year's time.

A physician and haematologist, he has worked in Oxford for 25 years and has been involved in medical management for 13 years. He was made medical director when the trust was formed in 1994.

He sees the key issue as getting professional staff to perform at their best. 'I think consultants who have managerial experience are very well placed to support that and you could argue that they should be more involved in running the service at all levels, 'he says.

'What I would like to see coming from the government is a much stronger sense of encouragement and recognition of the value of staff within the health service. Taking opportunities to threaten consultants over private practice is not constructive.'