Does enjoying expensive restaurants and pronouncing on the decorations in celebrity houses qualify you for a management job in the NHS?

Apparently (News in brief and Comment, 16 November; news focus, 23 November).

TV presenter Loyd Grossman is going to tell NHS catering experts how to do their job. This is another celebrity insult from the Department of Health.

Catering managers in the NHS do a spectacularly difficult job for patients, producing three meals a day and drinks on demand - all for less than the price most of us would pay for a pint of beer.

The problem is not the food, or the management - it is remote kitchens and distribution. Trolleys are left around hospital corridors until someone on understaffed wards has the time to see patients get fed - in other words, building design and staff resources are the key issues. Not balsamic vinegar and lavender juice.

Millions of meals, ethnic and religious preferences observed, meals for the ravenous and meals for the poorly. . . all beyond the comprehension of Michelin three-star gazers.

When is the DoH going to learn? Insulting staff with gimmicks does not get the best out of them.

Roy Lilley Surrey