The Commission for Health Improvement is to take evidence from the public as part of its independent investigation into the West London breast-screening service, based at Charing Cross Hospital.

The final report of Hammersmith Hospitals trust's own inquiry into the service is awaited, but CHI this week said it wanted to hear from women, their relatives and carers, former members of staff, GPs and community groups about their experiences.

CHI was called in by the trust after it was found there had been a number of recall errors in the files of women who had been screened. The trust also called in auditors PriceWaterhouseCoopers to undertake an audit of over 100,000 files, at a cost of around£200,000. The trust has not yet published the findings of the audit.

The CHI investigation team will hold meetings in Hammersmith on 19-20 July for people to give their comments, and can be contacted on 0845-601 2238.