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Published: 26/09/2002, Volume II2, No. 5824 Page 14

Claire Perry Lewisham Hospitals trust Monday 16 September 2002

7.50am Catch up with deputy chief exec, look at e-mails and post.

9.20am Bi-weekly staff induction. Do three-quarters of an hour welcome session and presentation.

10.30am Bi-weekly one-to-one with director of human resources and organisational development.

11.30am Dealing with post and signing letters.

12 noon Phase 3 private finance initiative project meeting (weekly).

12.45pm Quick catch-up with capacity lead about diagnosis and treatment centres and choice for long-waiting patients.

1pm Host launch of race equality scheme within trust, with managers, staff and board.

2pm Meet clinical director of accident and emergency, re piloting national Ideal Design of Emergency Access project.

2.20pm Quick catch-up with finance director.

2.30pm Phone calls.

3pm Wandering the site, dropping into wards and departments talking to staff and patients.

4pm Meeting with accident and emergency primary care suite manager to review performance targets, proposed changes.

5pm Director of finance one-to-one.

6-8.15pm Presentation to local councillors about planning application for two extra floors on PFI building.

Geraint Martin Kettering General Hospital Day 1 - Tuesday 17 September 2002

7.30-10amMeeting with clinical directors and executive team to review performance and consider key strategic issues.

10am Progress report from director of modernisation, followed by meeting with the booked admissions team on next year's redesign programme.

11am Hospital walkabout (regular bi-monthly feature).

12.30pm Catch up on phone calls. Lunch at desk signing letters.

1pm Regular one-to-one meeting with divisional director for surgery.

2pm Review annual report with chair and communications director.

2.30 Regular weekly slot with chair including planning AGM.

4pm Commission for Health Improvement action plan project board (final meeting of the team to review completion of the action plan from last year's Commission for Health Improvement report).

5pm Meeting with finance director and performance director about half-year review with the primary care trust and update on waiting lists and funding bids.

6pm Half-an-hour mop-up in office: e-mails, phone calls and letters.

Day 2 - Wednesday 18 September 8.15am Informal catch up with team, quick walkabout in A&E as very busy last few days. Check back with bed management team on current state of play.

9.30am Booked phone call with the PCT chief executive.

10amMeeting of diagnostic and treatment centre project team to begin to finalise the outline business case.

11.30am Regular one-to-one with divisional director for medicine, especially on progress with delayed discharges.

12 noon Meet her and cardiology team to launch new modernised service (including press briefing).

12.30pm (10 minutes late) travel with performance director to PCT for joint review meeting on key performance issues, including success of redesign in redirecting referrals and agreeing joint approaches to health economy problems such as delayed discharge.

4pm Strategic health authority renal network meeting at neighbouring trust.

5-6pm Regular one-to-one with strategic health authority chief executive.

Samantha Milbank, Nottingham City PCT Friday 13 September 2002

6.30am Being Mum for a minute! Time to go through Charlotte's reading and writing before school.

8am Phone call with office during school run.Checked revised location for first meeting - typically at opposite side of Nottingham to last school location!

9.30am First meeting of local improvement finance trust project board.

10.40am Left LIFT meeting to be back in time for next one - in my office this time.

11am One-to-one with director of learning and development (done on a monthly cycle). Covered: risk management of ageing workforce, planned recruitment fair, clinical governance update, prescribing, use of health action zone funding, developing clinical leaders.

11.30am Meeting with district audit on draft review of performance 2001-02. Quick wash-up with director of finance afterwards.

1pm Briefing from deputy chief executive on meeting at Quarry House [Department of Health] on overseas doctor recruitment.

1.10pm Back in the car to get to next meeting.

1.30pm PCT/local medical committee liaison meeting agrees that the local medical committee will not object to Nottingham City PCT recruiting salaried GPs. Professional executive committee chair also present.

3.30pm Back in the car - return to office for next meeting.

4pmMeet with newly appointed head of secure services commissioning (commissioning group for three SHAs is hosted by PCT).Address skills mix, tasks, development and caseload issues for the team.

5.30pm Phone call with my estates lead/ LIFT guru about team makeup and membership.

6pm Home early - no late nanny on a Friday. Great to see the girls.