Published: 06/10/2005 Volume 115 No. 5976 Page 19

Graham Harries, chief executive, CHKS

While welcoming the broad thrust of Professor Alan Maynard's article on patient reported outcome measures (intelligence supplement, page 16, 8 September), it is unfortunate that his reference to CHKS is ambiguous and incomplete.

He rightly mentions that CHKS provides support to acute trusts in measuring patient outcomes across the full range of case types. Five or six trusts will participate initially, providing over 200,000 outcome assessments a year. This will produce a massive resource to examine questions about the benefits and organisation of care.

We anticipate further trusts being added throughout 2006.

While criticising our use of the SF12 quality of life measure, which he calls 'insensitive', Professor Maynard only refers tangentially to the fact we will also be using the EQ5D measure, and that our work will study the benefits of each.

In referencing the BUPA study, Professor Maynard should have acknowledged that BUPA employed CHKS to implement and manage the project for the first few years.