Your news story on equality practice (page 2, 10 September) pointed showed many trusts not turning policy into action.

But this does not tell the full story. Throughout the summer, the NHS Executive's equal opportunities unit and the NHS Confederation held seminars involving over 300 trusts. Examples of 25 good practice case studies circulated with the survey results last week - but not mentioned in your story - were used to help participants see the way forward.

Each seminar produced a charter of commitment. The results have now been circulated to all health authority and trust boards. We are working with HAs and regional offices to ensure the message - and an awareness of responsibilities -reaches everyone. As Elisabeth Al-Khalifa said at each seminar, equal opportunities are a crucial element in tackling the wider agenda of health inequalities and social exclusion. There is a new energy emerging in trusts and HAs to make that vital link.

Linda Smith, Chair

Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham HA

Jean Trainor, Director

Health Links

Former deputy chief executive, NHS Confederation