Letters Chief executives' pay

Published:25/04/2002, Volume II2, No. 5802, Page 18

Mark Britnell says primary care trust chief executives are overpaid relative to those running acute hospitals (Off limits, 11 April). Yes, running an acute trust is challenging, but the chief executive is the boss. This makes getting things done easier.

I have been chief executive of an acute trust and a combined mental health and community trust. As a newly appointed PCT chief executive, I find running the provider arm (2,000 staff ) relatively straightforward. The new challenges include:

nharnessing the potential of GPs, opticians, dentists and pharmacists - all independent contractors;

nengaging local communities on health improvement and creating effective partnerships with the local authority;

ncommissioning from acute providers and securing wholesystem performance improvement.

All this without a line management relationship to fall back on. The complexity of the role of PCT chief executives should not be underestimated.

Catherine Griffiths Chief executive South Warwickshire PCT