Responding to your news story about the NHS Confederation in Scotland (page 7, 18 May): we consulted all NHS organisations in Scotland about what type of membership organisation, if any, they needed.

Following their clear endorsement, the green light was given for the creation of the Scottish NHS Confederation at our UK trustees' meeting on 17 May.

Funding will be tight, but the organisation has been structured to rely on the strengths of its membership and provide excellent value for money. It remains affiliated to the UK NHS Confederation, which brings added resources and support.

One of the key messages from consultation was the need for a flexible mindset about the exact role this organisation will play. It will have the scope to develop its own agenda - it will be able to understand the issues and needs of boards in Scotland, and take its own approach to addressing them. The NHS Confederation in Wales is growing strongly and the confederation hopes to move forward in Northern Ireland soon. The Scottish NHS Confederation will be formally launched at the annual conference in Glasgow and our first task is to appoint a director and public affairs officer.

Responding constructively to the devolution agenda is vital for membership organisations such as the confederation, and we are committed to providing a value for money service.

Caroline Thomson Chair NHS Confederation in Scotland Stephen Thornton Chief executive NHS Confederation