I agree with most of the Health Education Authority's report, Physical Activity in Later Life (news focus, page 14, 12 August), but feel a lot of people may only have themselves to blame for getting into poor condition. Rather than exercise, many spend too long in front of a television and only get up to put a pre-packed meal into the microwave.

I can understand people losing interest in going anywhere when they lose their partner - they should, after a time, join a group and try to become active again (I am a widower).

I do not feel overfit for 73, but 16 months ago I had a complete hip replacement after a fall. After the operation the consultant said two words: 'Get walking'. I now average between 30 and 40 miles a week and have seen some marvellous countryside. I am also back to competing in running and orienteering events.

I eat plenty of fresh vegetables and meat, plus lots of fruit. I tend a big garden and watch perhaps 30 minutes' TV a week. I read a lot, join friends to visit historical towns, amuse my grandchildren and do several voluntary jobs. Life could not be better.

Perhaps I should offer help to my old health authority, Merton, Sutton and Wandsworth - where I was deputy finance director before retiring - in its physical activity programme for older people.

Terry Dooris