Nurse suspended. . .More waiting lists. . .HEA alarm at shake-up. . .HAs launch health service lottery. . .Medical laboratory officer overpaid. . .

Stockport nurse Graham Pink, who has been suspended after speaking out over concerns about patient care, has warned that health workers will see his fate as a test case of their duty to raise the alarm about NHS failings. He has waged a one-man campaign over nursing levels, which he claims have led to neglect of elderly patients.

Staff at the Health Education Authority have voiced alarm at the organisation's internal shake-up after the sudden resignation of deputy chief executive Tony O'Neill. Chief executive Dr Spencer Hagard said turnover had always been high, though it had fallen from 33 to 24 per cent. He added: 'Morale is variable rather than low. It is not universally low, and among the people whose morale is low the reasons are variable'.

Waiting lists will increase if inflation is underfunded in the internal market, a leaked report by Northern regional treasurers group has warned. Inflation fears have been fuelled by confirmation that oil prices to health authorities will rise from September due to the Gulf crisis.

Five Birmingham health authorities have launched the country's first official daily lottery aimed at raising money for the health service. They hope it will provide£1m a year for equipment for five of the city's hospitals. There will be a daily prize of£1,000, with profits from the draw going to each hospital on a rota basis.

A medical laboratory scientific officer overpaid£250,000 by Lewisham and North Southwark HA notified it of the error, by which time it had accrued£2,000 interest.A source commented: 'I don't know what is wrong with this woman. I would have been halfway to Crete by now and bought a taverna'.