NHS HQ moves to Leeds. . . Concerns at timetable for reform. . .RCN tells managers to mind their language. . . AIDS campaign delay. . .

About 1,000 staff at the NHS Management Executive are to move lock, stock and barrel from London to Leeds, health secretary Kenneth Clarke has announced. He said this would 'help my department meet its obligations to the public in the changing circumstances of the 1990s'. The main reasons for the move are the expense of living in the south and recruitment problems there, as well as operating from 10 different sites in London.

Managers have told the Department of Health of their concern at meeting the April 1991 timetable for the reforms. Parkside district general manager Barbara Young said: 'I don't believe we are working to a deadline. Things will happen by then, but an internal market will need a considerable time to develop.'

Royal College of Nursing general secretary Christine Hancock has warned managers against using inappropriate language when talking about the reforms. She said one had recently referred to the cash advantages of treating mentally handicapped people as 'their shelf-life is much longer than that of the elderly'. Meanwhile, South Western regional health authority has renamed self-governing trusts as 'NHS trusts'.

A general manager has raised the prospect of a national sponsorship deal for the NHS.

Cheltenham HA general manager Jim Hammond said: 'No matter how much money we get for the NHS we always need more.'

The Health Education Authority has postponed its TV campaign on AIDS, due to start on 1 December. It denied that the DoH had ordered the adverts to be scrapped because they were too explicit. The move follows prime minister Margaret Thatcher's veto of government funding for an HEA survey of sexual habits and the earlier cancellation at the DoH's insistence of an HEA AIDS leaflet for schools.