Our trust is having merger talks with Tesco. Hospital employees will get bonus Club Card points, but I think patients should as well. Do you agree?

Lesley, Westminster Why do they need bonus card points? Isn't getting a wonderful service from the New NHS enough? But I really must congratulate you on your new partnership. Clearly, both parties can bring something to this project.

Now, Tesco is very good at trolleys, which is often something hospitals have trouble with. It also has a significant track record in stock control, where what you want has always just run out.

This is so much better than the NHS system of piling stuff into cupboards for years on end, which is called 'just in case' logistics.

But what can you help Tesco with? Well, the NHS knows all about storing fresh meat in fridges, so that's an obvious one.

Also, of course, you could advise it on how to deal with queuing - redefining the word 'queue' and starting new ones somewhere else so that each queue gets shorter.

Oh yes, don't forget the catchline, 'Good things cost less when it's. . .' or something like that.

Recently at work I was surfing the web and found an 'interesting' picture, which I forwarded to a friend. Or so I thought. I actually managed to send it to our chief exec. What should I do ?

'Stupid', Northants Why worry? As you know, there are lots of very interesting things on the web. That's why the government is spending so much money on NHSnet, where there are lots of interesting things for you to do, like er. . .

Anyway, the prime minister has clearly indicated that it's time for the New NHS to adopt the new challenges of new technology and thereby create a new infrastructure for a new century. But I'm sure you knew this already.

On second thoughts, though, what do you mean by 'interesting'? I hope you haven't been looking at. . .

inappropriate sites like www.thetories.com or www.londonmayor.liv. If you have, then you deserve everything you get.

However, if all you have sent your chief exec is a picture of a naked lady (or man, eh? Must keep up with the times), just tell him you were responding to the consultation for the NHS national plan.