During the recent hot weather we found the temperature in our wards went up dramatically. Unfortunately, we had insufficient fans to refresh our patients and they became rather over-heated. What should I do?

'Torrid', Avonmouth Well, fans are certainly necessary in the New NHS. I'm a fan, of course, and so should you be. All we have to do is to support the prime minister in what he is trying to do to bring about real change in the way our New NHS is provided through encouraging new cultures to develop and. . . I'm sure you've heard this before.

The lack of fans among patients is certainly a worrying and perplexing trend in recent years. What has gone wrong? Obviously, the New NHS has done lots of good things, and the new fans should be clearly in evidence.

After all, we have set up NICE to explain why patients can't have things; the Commission for Health Improvement to tell them what's good for them; and NHS Direct so they can do it themselves. What more could one ask?

Anyway, if we stick at it, the fans will soon come and then we can move to the broad sunlit uplands where men (and women, eh? ) will still say: 'This! Was their finest power. . .' or something like that.

Why are you always so dismissive of Ken Livingstone? What has he ever done to you?

'Tony B', Whitehall From time to time I do get the odd crank letter or e-mail (mdestrange@healthcare. emap. co. uk), and normally I just bin them, but perhaps just this once. . .

Livingroom did lots of things like getting the IRA to run London Transport, recommending Hitler for the Order of Lenin and trying to put the Queen Mother out of a job. Need I say more?

As to the cost. . . Has Labour been elected to run the GLC ever since? No. I rest my case.

But seriously, now that Red Kenton is the lord mayor of London, what can we expect of him? Anyone who can be so beastly to Mr Dobbo or even that Steve Boris bloke is clearly not all there. I for one intend to ignore him and hope he goes away; so does the PM. (cut out this bit-AC) solve your problem?

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