A letter in a recent HSJ pointed out that the NHS doesn't need to use private sector beds - all it needs to do is bring back into use some of those thousands already lying unused.

What do you think?

Fermatt, Bolton I fear that Mr Milburn and - yes - even Tony Blair, may have made a big mistake. They said it would take 10 years to turn the NHS round. If letters like this are anything to go by, they have greatly underestimated the scale of the problem.

Where did you come from, baby? The ark? The reason the NHS closed beds was because they weren't needed, so why spend huge sums reopening them?

The money would have to come from our much needed subsidies to truckers and farmers.

Of course, from time to time there will be temporary periods of under-capacity - this occurs in all good businesses. When this happens you can whip down the road to your nearest BUPA Krankenhouse and stitch them up.

'But what about the railways? , ' I hear you say. You miss the point: the railways were privatised under the last government, so it was obviously a bad idea. New Labour doesn't do privatisation, but has a caring and - you know - sharing attitude to public-private partnerships. Get a life.

As a pharmacist, I am confused by recent guidance about Relenza. First NICE said we couldn't prescribe it, and now it says we can - but only to people who have recovered. I seem to remember a similar problem with Viagra. What's going on?

Boot, Manchester.

What's going on, indeed? I seem to be reading nothing but criticisms these days. Where's your vision, your adventure and - yes - even your loyalty?

It's quite clear. Any drug which doesn't work can't be used - except for private patients, of course. But if you use a drug when someone is already getting better, you can demonstrate that recovery rates after administration of the medicine are good. It has been shown by recent research that when Relenza is given to recovering patients they get better. So it's obviously a good idea to give it to them. This wasn't known before, but now it is - thanks to NICE.

Keep taking the tablets.