Thousands of national and local organisations have joined forces to launch a Department of Health-led 'lifestyle revolution' to eat well, get more exercise and live longer.

The Change4Life coalition includes 12,400 organisations - charities such as Cancer Research, Diabetes UK and the British Heart Foundation; supermarket chains Asda and Tesco; food manufacturers including Kelloggs and PepsiCo; and organisations such as the Association of Convenience Stores and the Fitness Industry Association.

Initiatives include a corner shop pilot in the North East to promote fresh fruit and vegetables and the expansion of Kelloggs breakfast clubs in deprived areas.

Health secretary Alan Johnson said: "Obesity is the biggest public health challenge the country faces. If we don't take action now we will condemn our children to reduced life expectancy. It's unprecedented for supermarkets to join the government and pledge to cut prices on healthy food. But this isn't an exclusive club. Anyone who promises to help families to be healthier can join."