The Department of Health is looking for organisations to take part in a pilot scheme aimed at getting people on sick leave back to work more quickly.

Pilots should test "personalised back to work support" for people off sick, including:

  • health and wellbeing services with a particular focus on vocational rehabilitation;

  • skills and employment advice;

  • social support such as debt and housing advice;

  • conciliation to overcome disputes between employees and employers.

Next stage review

Introducing integrated services to get people back to work is being seen by the department as part of the commitment set out in the next stage review to provide more support to help people stay healthy at work and help those struggling with ill health to return to work faster.

Economic climate

Care services minister Phil Hope said: "In the current economic climate it's even more important that we cut the£100bn cost of worklessness caused by ill health.

"I want local authorities, primary care trusts and other providers to put their innovative ideas behind these pilots, which can only have social and economic benefits for their areas."

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