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The right to a fair public and timely hearing will affect disciplinary hearings. People suspended for a long period as their case goes through the system may be entitled to claim if they have to wait too long. Also, all aspects of the hearing must be known to them and any hint of a decision behind closed doors will be barred.

Respect for family life and the right to equal treatment may open up employment claims from people who allege discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Freedom of expression will mean a greater need to tolerate extreme political views unless they directly affect an employee's work. It would be difficult to find reasonable grounds for dismissing someone for their political beliefs, although it may be possible to argue that if a person - say a member of the British National Party - has beliefs that their colleagues find so obnoxious that they can't work with them, this prevents that employee from doing their job properly.

Freedom of association, as well as guaranteeing rights to belong to a trade union also effectively rules out a closed shop. Although this is already the case under existing legislation, future legislation to restrict the rights of unions and their members would have to be in line with the Human Rights Act.