A primary care commissioning lobby group is set to change its name to reflect the 'new NHS' and enable it to draw a wider membership.

The National Association of Commissioning GPs is recommending to members that it adopt the new name National Association of Primary Care Groups and Trusts, following publication of the white paper, The New NHS. This will enable a wider membership to be drawn from community and practice nurses, practice and primary care group managers and others involved in the new primary care groups (PCGs), trusts and equivalent organisations throughout the UK.

Following a meeting last week with other primary care groups, NACGP said: 'Although the shape of primary care groups is far from settled, primary care groups there will be.

'NACGP's inclusive attitude and founding principle of assisting all who wish to take part in the equitable planning of local services means that NACGP will evolve into an organisation capable of supporting all professionals involved in PCGs, primary care trusts, locality commissioning pilots and like organisations. The change to our name is simply a first step.'

The Journal reported earlier this month that merger had been mooted between NACGP, the National Association of Fundholding Practices and the Association of Independent Multifunds. NAFP chair Rhidian Morris said the issue was only discussed briefly last week, but NAFP council had now agreed merger was the best way forward, and it was a question of waiting to see what happens.