I was amused by your reference to the Welsh Office Core Indicators software and its refusal to accept the number 40 (Monitor, 27 May).

As my company has just started providing technical support for this software, I fixed the problem very quickly.

It occurred in one text field in one dialogue window in one part of the system - the data entry module. It was the result of silly programming some time ago, whereby the field could accept but not display the number 40.

It was an elementary but honest mistake which should have been fixed some time ago. It did not stop the system being able to cope with the number 40, except in this one instance.

Perhaps you should run a piece about the problems of computer software and hardware unable to cope with the number 2000 that have caused global mass hysteria.

We could all then share a laugh with those organisations which have made a fortune from the NHS out of 'solving year 2000 problems'. In the circumstances, 40 is a very small number.

Brian Bond Director AHC Information Services Ltd