Will you be visiting the Dome next year? A million people have apparently already bought their tickets. But don't go expecting to see anything as mundane as the NHS celebrated in the millennium tent. That was last year - now it's time to move on to the wonders of antiwrinkle cream and aromatherapy (see news focus, pages 12-13).

And don't expect to find out how some of the diseases that so marred life in the past millennium are making a come-back in time for the next. The Dome doesn't do bad news. This is a version of millennial life that would delight Dr Pangloss.

None of which is to say the Dome should be turned into something terribly worthy and dull. But if it lacks even the substance and gravitas of a trip to Disneyworld, then what is the point of government involvement in it all? The Dome is a missed opportunity to explain the real wonders of science and technology in a popular way.