NHS trusts can sign up to a new electronic mailing service that will help them prepare for the introduction of the new set of healthcare resources groups

The Information Centre for health and social care's Case-mix Service has invited trusts to sign up to a new electronic mailing service on healthcare resources groups version four.

The service will help them prepare for HRG4, and 2007-08 reference cost collections.

Trusts will be able to receive e-bulletin updates about HRG4 road-shows, publication of HRG4 spreadsheets, manuals and guidance, and the HRG4 toolkit. The alerts will be the fastest and most efficient way to find out about the latest developments without continually needing to check the Case-mix Service website.

The electronic mailing service is part of the Case-mix Service's education, awareness and training programme, which has been developed to help trusts prepare for HRG4.

For more information and to subscribe online, visit: www.icservices.nhs.uk/casemix/pages/plone/plonecustomer.asp