Published: 01/12/2005 Volume 115 No. 5984 Page 18

Dr Chris Burke, chief executive, Stockport foundation trust

Your headline 'Priest 'ejected' after giving last rites' is totally inaccurate (news, page 11, 10 November).

The story first appeared in a local newspaper and it appears that your editorial staff have simply taken the original item and printed it without any effort to check its veracity.

The priest concerned was not 'ejected' as your headline implies.

Father Andrew Stringfellow was very disappointed to read the offending news story in the Stockport Express as he had already told the journalist concerned that after performing the last rites a nurse had approach him regarding cleanliness procedures, nothing else.

He has written to the offending newspaper to put the record straight.

As this alleged incident never happened, the trust did not write to apologise as you outline in your introductory paragraph.