Published: 31/01/2002, Volume II2, No. 5790 Page 34

Function of SHAs

21-22 February, Birmingham

Birmingham University's health services management centre is holding a seminar on 'Strategic health authorities:

shifting role or balancing act?' Concise and interactive presentations will enable delegates to explore issues in greater depth and work through the implications for their own organisations.

Details: Ingrid Leeman, 0121-414 7058.

Disabled children

26 February, York

Changes in legislation to the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, the Special Educational Needs and Disability Act 2001, the SEN code of practice and the national service framework will impact on services for disabled children. The Council for Disabled Children and the National Children's Bureau have organised 'Getting in on the act: promoting access and inclusion in services for disabled children', a one-day conference that will focus on the implications.

Details: NCB conference, 020-7843 6040/42

Management in care

26-27 February, Norwich

An Age Concern training course on 'Management skills in care' is designed to assist managers in the care environment with skills and understanding to support good management practice in times of change. It is targeted at new or prospective managers, or existing ones who want formal training to enhance their skills.

Details: Paula Morgan, 01543-503 660.

Performance targets

28 February, London

'Hit or miss - do performance targets help the NHS improve health services?' is a Royal Society of Medicine quality in healthcare forum conference for managers and clinical professionals, researchers, public health specialists, health policy analysts and policy makers.

The event hopes to spark a national debate about how performance targets are used and what effects they have on the quality of care for patients.

Details: Laura Milne, 020-7290 3942.

Delivering research

1 March, London

The NHS Service Delivery and Organisation National R&D Programme is holding its first national conference on 'Delivering research for better health services and social care' for those concerned with the delivery and management of effective, evidence-based healthcare. The keynote speaker will be NHS chief executive Nigel Crisp.

Details:020-8541 1399.

Early intervention

5 March, Birmingham

An Interconnections conference on 'Teamwork in early intervention for children with complex needs and their families' will report on new practical approaches in the UK for coordination between agencies, collaboration between professionals and the involvement of parents.

The Council for Disabled Children will feed back on the birth-to-two best practice guidelines which they are assisting to develop under a government initiative.

Details: Peter Limbrick, 0161-740 7757.

Clinical director role

6 March, London

'How to be an excellent clinical director' is a seminar organised by the British Association of Medical Managers.

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