Published: 12/12/2001, Volume II2, No. 5835 Page 33

Community care law 7 January, London

'Advanced community care law' provides an update for participants who are already familiar with basic community care law. It focuses on local authority assessment and care provision procedures in England and Wales and is suitable for social workers and care managers, health service staff, advisers, voluntary sector workers and lawyers.

Details: Carers training unit, 020-7566 7632.

Management skills 8 January, 11 February, 6 March, Manchester

A series of one-day workshops for consultants organised by the Manchester centre for healthcare management discusses practical issues to help consultants understand the organisation of the health service, including its financing and management, and to introduce some essential management skills.

Details: Linda Ingle, 0161-275 2911.

Falls and older people 15 January, Norwich 17 February, York

Age Concern training is holding a course on 'Falls and older people: risk and prevention', examining the reasons why older people are at increased risk of falling. It will look at the physical, psychological, environmental and social factors linked to falls, plus the effects of drugs and medications, and ways in which the carers can help minimise the risk of falls.

Details: Paula Morgan, 01543-503 660.

Mental health act 30-31 January, Leeds

The Andrew Sims centre for professional development is organising a comprehensive two-day course on the 'Mental Health Act - section 12: current developments in mental health legislation'.

Details: Andrew Sims centre, 0113-305 6044.

Special needs 6 February, Bristol

'Getting it right from the start: what are the implications of the Special Educational Needs and Disability Act 2001 and the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 for early years' services?' is a National Children's Bureau event to inform practitioners on the implications of new duties for early years' services working with young children with special educational needs.

Details: Allie Hamilton, 020-7843 6041.

Palliative care 6 February, 13 March, 10 April, 15 May, Newcastle

A series of four half-day workshops designed to offer an introduction to the principles of palliative care/cancer care for healthcare assistants/support workers who wish to develop skills and knowledge in supporting patients with cancer.

Details: Andrea Lanaghan or Val McKenzie, 0191-219 1203.

Lifelong learning 17-18 February, Manchester

'Working, learning, thinking, doing, co-ordinating lifelong learning in healthcare' is a national conference for those seeking to achieve the government's agenda for lifelong learning in healthcare.

The event is organised by Emap Healthcare Open Learning. It will provide an opportunity to explore how different learning methods can provide multiprofessional education and produce changes in practice without causing a staffing crisis.

Details: Open Learning, 020-7874 0600.

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