Clinical directorship 28 March, London 'How to be an excellent clinical director in a modernised NHS' is a British Association of Medical Managers seminar.

Speakers include Nigel Offen, head of clinical quality of the NHS Executive's eastern region; Dr Mike Galloway, lead clinician, South Durham Health Care trust; Dr Ashley Fraser and Dr Rob Hatts from Royal Shrewsbury Hospitals trust; and Dr Sheila Peskett, clinical director at Barts and the London trust.

Details: BAMM, 0161-474 1141.

Tuberous sclerosis 29 March, Edinburgh The Tuberous Sclerosis Association is holding a study day for people with tuberous sclerosis, their parents and carers. Topics include genetic advice - implications for the family; treatment of skin lesions; epilepsy; social and emotional problems; kidney and lung complications; and managing behavioural problems.

Details: Janet Medcalf, 01527-871 898.

Reducing inequality 30 March, Liverpool 5 April, Brighton The South East Public Health Observatory and Oxford University's department of social policy and social work are organising workshops on a health poverty index study commissioned by the Department of Health.

Details: Louise Farmer, 01865-226835.

Public health 3 April, London 'Evidence into practice', a conference jointly arranged by the Health Development Agency and the King's Fund, will explore what constitutes evidence in public health and how it can be developed.

Details: Cait Woodward, 020-7413 1848.

Management in care 3-4 April, Bournemouth Age Concern Training is holding a two-day course on 'Management skills in a care environment' for new, prospective or existing managers who feel they need some formal training to enhance their skills and experience. The course intends to provide participants with an understanding of good management practice in a time of change.

Details: Paula Johnson, 01543-503 660.

Epilepsy study day 5 April, Lingfield/Surrey 'The needs of young people with epilepsy' is a study day for social workers, carers and parents of those with epilepsy, organised by St Piers and the British Epilepsy Association.

There will be sessions addressing medical needs, treatments, quality of life issues, epilepsy and education, and the needs of parents and carers.

Details: Judith Phillips, 01342-831 261.

Stroke framework 5 April, Peterborough 11 April, Exeter 19 April, Birmingham 25 April, Manchester The Stroke Association is running information days across the country to tie in with the launch of the national service framework for older people. Speakers will cover the new requirements for stroke care and provide practical information on how to run good stroke services. The events are aimed at healthcare practitioners, managers and social services staff.

Details: Lyn Dunkley,