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Young people 23-24 July, Leicester Room, the National Council for Housing and Planning, is holding a conference on 'Developing potential - young people and regeneration' to bring together people in projects and partnerships concerned with involving, supporting and empowering young people.

Major themes include early intervention and support, employment, capacity building and empowerment.

Details: Emma Tozer, 020-7251 2363.

Old-age depression 24 July, Nottingham An Age Concern training day on 'Depression in older people' is designed for staff who work with older people in residential, community or hospital/ nursing homes. The course identifies some of the conditions often associated with depression, and also explores appropriate approaches and strategies for intervention.

Details: Paula Johnson, 01543-503 660.

UK/US exchange 25-27 July, Oxford The Healthcare Financial Management Association is organising a UK/US exchange programme designed for senior finance staff.

Details: Hannah Cox, 0117-929 4795.

PCT 2002 27 July, Manchester This is the first meeting exclusively for primary care group chief executives in organisations planning to go for trust status in April 2002, organised by the Manchester Centre for Healthcare Management. The learning set provides for individual and shared learning in a university setting with colleagues from across the country.

Details: Linda Ingle, 0161-275 2911.

Community care law 1 August, London 'Community care law - recent developments' is a course organised by the Carers National Association.

Details:020-7566 7632.

Anti racism event 31 August, Glasgow The London United Nations information centre in conjunction with Heartstone, a Scottish based non-governmental organisation specialising in combating different forms of prejudice and intolerance, is co-ordinating a UK initiative for the world conference against racism. The event will be a combination of exhibition and performance.

Details: www. unitednations. org. uk Skin information day 1 September, Sheffield The Skin Care Campaign is holding a skin information day to improve understanding, management and coping skills. The event is open to people with a professional interest, patients, carers and family members. Health professionals will hold informal sessions on psoriasis and its management, homeopathy and the skin, herpes viruses and atopic eczema, chronic skin problems and cosmetic camouflage.

Details: Gwen Banford, 020-7281 3553 ext 210.

Homelessness 3 September, Glasgow A Pavilion conference on resettlement will discuss 'An inclusive learning process addressing homelessness'.

Details: conference department,01273-623 222.