Mental health 15 October, Portsmouth 'Mental health in later life' is a course designed for those providing care for older people.

It will centre on understanding loss, depression and dementia, and increasing participants' awareness and understanding to identify good practice.

Details: Graham Steele, 01543 503 660

Organisational update 17 October, Birmingham 'From hospitals to networks?' is a Birmingham University seminar exploring the organisational arrangements of other countries and discussing Department of Health thinking on the future configuration of acute hospital services.

Details: Ingrid Leeman, 0121- 414 7058

Occupational health 18 October, London The Association of Occupational Health Nurse Practitioners presents the Ruth Alston memorial lecture, 'Changes to our business: sharing interest and enterprise', delivered by Judy Cook, head of occupational health services, British Airways.

Details: AOHNP,0116-281 3720

Body dismorphic disorder 18 October, London A workshop organised by Mole Conferences about the latest research on the epidemiology, cause and treatment of body dismorphic disorder. The speaker is David Veale, consultant psychiatrist at Priory Hospital, north London.

Details: Mole Conferences,01273-242 634

Epilepsy surgery 18 October, Lingfield, Surrey A National Centre for Young People with Epilepsy study day, 'Before and after epilepsy surgery', aimed at nurses and student nurses and those with a medical interest in epilepsy.

Details: NCYPE,01342-831 261

Global health 18 October, London The UK Partnership for Global Health organises web discussions and seminars on globalisation and UK health, with special case studies on 'Tobacco and migration', 'Women's development and health', 'Helping poor countries respond to globalisation', 'Using communications' and 'IT for health'.

Details: www. ukglobalhealth. org

Primary care 18-19 October, Bradford Bradford was one of the first districts in the country to move from primary care group to primary care trust status. 'PCTs one year on: the Bradford experience' is a two-day conference whose keynote speakers include health secretary Alan Milburn and NHS chief executive Nigel Crisp.

Details: Louise Stordy, 01274-366 297

Evidence-based practice 19 October, Manchester 'Towards evidence-based practice' is a one-day workshop to explore the available sources of evidence and the practical challenges faced in changing clinical and managerial practice.

Details: Linda Ingle, 0161-275 2911

Disability living allowance 23 October, London A one-day course to help participants identify entitlement to attendance allowance and disability allowance and successfully complete claim forms. It is aimed at volunteers and those working in generalist advice centres and community centres.

Details: Valerie Grant, 020-7247 8776