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Partnership or takeover?

8 November, London A Nexus conference, 'Partnership or takeover?', will discuss whether the government's targets for public-private partnership and private finance initiative programmes to help deliver ambitious targets before the next election are realistic.

Details: Charlie Wood, 020-7439 7700.

Global health 8 November, 21 November, London The UK Partnership for Global Health organises web discussions and seminars on globalisation and UK health. Case studies include helping poor countries respond to globalisation, and using communications and IT for health.

Details: www. ukglobalhealth. org Resource allocation 9 November, London The Association of Clinical Biochemists and the Healthcare Financial Management Association are hosting a meeting on healthcare resource allocation and the role of diagnostic tests in decisionmaking.

Details: ACB, 020-7403 8001.

Child poverty 9 November, Manchester A Socialist Health Association evening meeting featuring junior health minister Hazel Blears speaking on child poverty.

Details: Martin Rathfelder, 0870-013 0065.

Women's health 9 November, London 'Responding to diversity' is a WNCCC-Cancer Awareness conference to disseminate good practice in addressing the needs of women from minority-ethnic groups when attending breast and cervical screening.

Details: Fay Hammond, 020-7729 4688.

Children in care 9 November, London Voice for the Child in Care is holding a conference called 'Participation for real' to address what more needs to be done to give young people in care a say in their lives.

Details: VCC, 020-7833 5792.

One year on 9-10 November, Taunton The Institute of Healthcare Management South West is organising a two-day conference called 'One year on: the plan in action', with a mix of national speakers and interactive workshops.

Details: Louise Hardy, 01752-721 614.

Management of falls 13 and 14 November, London The Centre for Policy on Ageing is running a series of practical workshops on the prevention and management of falls to assist the local implementation of the national service framework for older people. The first two workshops will focus on the clinical issues.

Details: Keith Sumner, 020-7553 6500.

Young people leaving care 14 November, Manchester 'Young people leaving care:

inequalities in health and wellbeing' is a conference by the Young People's Health Network in association with the Health Development Agency.

Details: conference department, 020-7843 6042/40.

Rehabilitation and care 14-15 November, Birmingham 'Get into work, rest and play' is the underlying theme of Rehab and Care 2001, a national event promoting independence. It aims to form closer relationships between patients, carers and health professionals.

Details: Pippa Williams, 020-7874 0652.