Items are entered free for public sector, voluntary and professional organisations, but we need at least six weeks' notice of your event.

Please send details to Uli Jaeger, H S J, Greater London House, Hampstead Road, London, NW1 7EJ. Fax: 0171-874 0254.

E-mail: Due to pressure on space, publication cannot be guaranteed.

Primary care 17 February, Chelmsford

Anglia Polytechnic University and Equip (Education and quality in primary care across North Essex) are holding a conference on 'Primary care: fit for the future? - key issues in continuing professional development'.

Details: Margaret Hutt, 01245-493131 ext 4878.

Health at work 18 February, London

'Health@Work - whose responsibility?' will discuss issues facing NHS employees: bullying and harassment; violence and aggression; smoking policies; organisational stress and workplace health. The London Health@Work Network is a group established by Enfield & Haringey and Barnet health authorities, and includes representatives from trusts across north London.

Details: Suzanne Linsey, 020-8272 5547.

Healthcare co-operatives 24 February, Stirling

The Institute of Healthcare Management in Scotland is organising an afternoon seminar on 'Local healthcare co-operations', examining the role and responsibilities of the general manager in its organisation.

Details: Donald McNeill, 01292-280814.

Healthy assessment 24 February, Birmingham

A Health and Housing seminar on 'Health impact assessment' as a way of measuring both the positive and negative effects of changes in the external and internal living environment brings together academics and practitioners from this area.

Details: Anne Duggan, 020-7375 3553.

Unit costing 25 February, London

The Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy is running a course on 'Social services finance - unit costing', covering joint reviews; developing costing models; update and review on unit costing; and the use of unit costing information.

Details: Alexandra Aarons, 020-7543 5751.

Nurses in leadership 29 February, Cambridge

Addenbrooke's nursing practice development group and the Foundation of Nursing Studies are holding an event on 'Leaping into the millennium: nurses leading excellence to make a difference'.

Details: The Foundation of Nursing Studies, 020-7233 5750.

Moving and handling 1-2 March, London 'Moving and handling people: looking forward' is a conference organised by the Disabled Living Foundation and Therapy Weekly. It will offer plenary sessions on the legal status of documentation, training issues, handling during and after resuscitation procedures, and design considerations. There are further workshops and four concurrent sessions at which topics will include the cost benefits of electric beds.

Details: conference department, 020-7874 0297.

Pay and reward strategies 15 March, Harrogate

'Pay and reward strategies in the NHS' is the title of a Pay and Workforce Research event. Topics will include setting internal pay relativities, how job evaluation is used to underpin a pay structure, the importance of equal pay for work of equal value, and performance management.

Details: Lynn Henshelwood, 01423-720200.