The New NHS

22 February, London 'The New NHS: structure Items are entered free for public sector, voluntary and professional organisations, but we need at least six weeks' notice of your event.

'Caring and implications' is a Carers National Association course for workers, policy makers, and advisers in health and social services.

0171-490 8818.

Prescribing understood

23 February, Birmingham The centre for evidencebased pharmacotherapy at Aston University is holding a conference on 'Understanding prescribing in the New NHS'. Topics include government prescribing policy and the relationship between GPs and their patients. Details: course organiser, 0121-359 3611 ext 5533.

Assisted living

23 February, London The '2000 annual assisted living conference', organised by Laing & Buisson, will look at the opportunities available to current and potential providers of assisted living, and the threat to care home operators who ignore it. Details: Sophie Filtness, 0171-833 9123.

PMS pilots

29 February, Leeds The National Association of Primary Care is organising a personal medical services workshop for secondwave and would-be pilots. Details: NAPC, 0171-636 7228.

Mental health 29

February, London A Gate House conference on 'The government agenda in mental health: change and challenge' is chaired by Mind chief executive Judi Clements.

The keynote address will be given by Eddie Kane, London region director of mental health. Details: Lindsay Aitken, 0171-420 3531/3533.

Child mental health

29 February, London 'Bright futures', a Mental Health Foundation conference promoting children and young people's mental health, is the result of a two-year inquiry which received more than 1,000 pieces of evidence, from child care and mental health professionals, parents, carers and children. Details: Mental Health Foundation, 0171-535 7461.

Disaster planning

1 March, Stevenage Leeds General Infirmary's Cri-tec (accident and emergency crisis training, education, counselling) conference office is holding a workshop on 'Working with disastrous events'. Details: Cri-tec conference office, 0113-392 6498.

Mental health act

6 March, London The Royal College of Psychiatrists' research unit is organising an event on 'Moving ahead with the Mental Health Act:

messages from the latest research'. Details: Sam Coombs, 0171-235 2351 ext 234.

Tuberous sclerosis

6 March, London A conference on 'Renal involvement in tuberous sclerosis' has been organised by the Tuberous Sclerosis Association and will deal with clinical presentation, genetic testing, imaging techniques, medical and surgical management, screening and research.

Details: Janet Medcalf, 01527-871898.