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PCG resource allocation

28 March, London; 4 April, Manchester

A series of seminars on 'PCG resource allocation made easy', organised by Nexus in association with the NHS Primary Care Group Alliance, aims to provide an understanding of resource allocation methods and the factors considered important in determining local health spending. Details: Catriona Batchelor,020-7439 7700.

Support and facilities 5-7 April, Stirling

The Association of Domestic Management is inviting health managers to its silver jubilee conference and exhibition. Details: Penny Harrison, 01661-853097.

Needs of older people6 April, London

A Health Client Forum event is to focus on the needs of older people in a Royal Institute of British Architects symposium with the support of the NHS Executive. Health minister John Hutton will give the keynote address and other speakers will discuss the latest thinking influencing the design of care environments. Details: RIBA health client forum, 020-73073700.

Quality improvement6 April, London

The Royal Society of Medicine's forum on quality in healthcare will look at 'Redesigning healthcare - the key to quality improvement'. Topics include recognising a need for a new mindset both nationally and locally, the meaning of professional boundaries today, and how to structure an organisation to support and redesign process. Details: Linda De Klerk,020-7290 3942.

Obesity management7 April, London

An evidence-based training day on 'Effective obesity management' is relevant to nurse practitioners and GPs. The agenda explores areas such as development, aetiology and diagnosis of obesity; obesity in special circumstances; comorbidities, obesity management, continuation therapies and lapse management. Details: Lynda Price Associates, 01582-461660. Health partnerships 7 April, London

The Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health and the Local Government Association are holding a conference on 'Positive partnerships: delivering excellent mental health and social care'. The event will discuss how the new Health Act flexibilities can deliver better services. Details: Tina O'Regan,020-7827 8384.

Primary care7 April, London

'Action now for primary care' is a National Association of Primary Care conference on the successful delivery of a truly integrated quality service for patients. Details: Maggie Marum/Alex Whitworth, 020-7636 1677.

Values for the NHS10 April, London

The Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy is running a course on 'Best value and the NHS'. Details: Alexandra Aaron,020-7543 5751.