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Caring for CJD patients

20 July, London 'Caring for patients with variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease' is a one day conference sharing experiences of caring for patients dying from variant CJD, presented by the Human BSE Foundation. Details: Michelle Beynon, 0114-276 7777.

Mental health

20 July, London A meeting at the House of Commons entitled 'Are local NHS services for treating severe mental illness adequate?' will mark the launch of a report of a health authority survey carried out by the Zito Trust. Speakers will include Trust patron Jayne Zito. Details: Christine Hannis, 020-7526 3605.

Teenage sexual health

21 July, London The Margaret Pyke Centre and Trust in association with Brook Advisory Centre is organising a conference on 'Teenagers today and tomorrow'.

Topics include young people's sexual health and the role of primary care, and developing a national sexual health strategy. Details: Heather Goodman, 020-7436 8390.

Health food for all

23-27 July, Edinburgh The 13th international congress of dietetics, hosted by the British Dietetic Association, will discuss obesity, body image and eating disorders; food innovations for the 21st century; and hunger, malnutrition and dehydration. Details: Dr Wendy Doyle, 01727-844433.

Care pathways

24 July, Stirling; 26 July, Dublin; 22 August, Stamford; 4 September, Southampton 'Integrated care pathways: a practical guide' is an Integrated Care Associates seminar to find out what works, what fails and why. Details: Sue Middleton, 01244-545042.

Nurse leaders

1-3 August, Brighton 8-10 August, Nottingham The National Patients' Access Team is hosting a summer school on 'Nurse leaders modernising the NHS', offering presentations on key national policy developments, workshops and optional one-to-one career counselling. Details: Margaret Atkins, 020-8743 7137.

Mobility conference

4-7 August, Warwick University The 10th international mobility conference is being held for the first time in the UK and will be hosted by the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association. The event aims to be a forum for innovations and a source of ideas for blind and partially sighted service development. Details: Michelle Grant, 020-8682 2442.

Key skills for managers

12 September, Manchester Manchester Centre for Healthcare Management is arranging a series of workshops to provide managers with key skills needed to be effective both personally and professionally. The first workshop will be on change management. Details: Lorraine Lander, 0161-275 2918.