Items are entered free for public sector, voluntary and professional organisations, but we need at least six weeks' notice of your event. Please send details to Uli Jaeger, HSJ, Greater London House, Hampstead Road, London, NW1 7EJ.Fax:020-7874 0254.


Due to pressure on space, publication cannot be guaranteed.

Living with dying 4 November, Dover 10 December, London 10 February, London A 'Living with dying' workshop aims to give an opportunity to discuss hopes and fears about death in a supportive atmosphere without being considered morbid. It will give a new perspective on life and help participants to acknowledge what they really want to accomplish before they die.

Details: Christianne Heal, 01223-319310.

Key skills for managers 7 November, 30 November, 11 December The next few workshops in a series of six on 'Key skills for managers' are dealing with managing stress, difficult people and conflict resolution. All are organised by the Manchester Centre for Healthcare Management.

Details: Lorraine Lander, 0161-275 2918.

Building a healthier future 7-8 November, Harrogate NHS Estates and the Institute for Healthcare Engineering and Estate Management are holding a joint conference and exhibition to reflect the important role people in nonclinical support services have to play in delivering a modern NHS and in increasing consumer satisfaction.

Details: Richard Tybinski, 0113-254 7208.

Pay and reward 8 November, Harrogate A Pay & Workforce Research learning club on 'Pay and reward strategies' will look at pay modernisation within the health service, offering a presentation of the new pay structure and a practical case study to highlight the best ways forward for implementation.

Details: Damian Howden, 01423-720211.

Medico-legal issues 9 November, Sheffield 'Medico-legal issues and therapists' is a one day conference to discuss the issues surrounding legal principles, report writing and terms of engagement. The event is organised by the Medico-Legal Association of Chartered Physiotherapists.

Details: Michelle Beynon, 0114-274 4628.

Primary care 9 November, Weston-Super-Mare The Primary Care Learning Association is organising this year's autumn networking event. Topics include first-hand experience of a difficult merger, and 'learning while you work', looking at the implications of clinical governance, risk management and significant event audit.

Details: Vicki Sheil, 0114-271 1343.

Baby-friendly initiative 9-10 November, Derby The UNICEF UK Baby-Friendly Initiative conference 2000 is held in partnership with Derby City General Hospital and the University of Nottingham academic division of midwifery.

Details: UNICEF, 020-7836 5901.

The NHS plan 10-11 November, Taunton The Institute of Healthcare Management together with the Healthcare Financial Management Association south west is running a two-day conference on 'Delivering the NHS plan', discussing its practical implication. Speakers include Andrew Dillon, chief executive of the National Institute for Clinical Excellence, and Dr Peter Homa, director of the Commission for Health Improvement.

Details: Louise Hardy, 01752-721614.