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Project management

19 January, London

'The essentials of project management', a Gate House conference specially designed for NHS staff, includes topics such as managing projects in the NHS culture, characteristics of NHS projects, risk management strategy and techniques, the value of feasibility studies, and resource allocations and budgets.

Details: Gate House, 0171-420 3531/3533.

Mental health

19 January, London

The centre for mental health services development at King's College London is holding a conference in association with the Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health on configuring mental health services in the New NHS.

Details: Geoff Hodgson, 0171-928 7994.

Voluntary sector

21 January, London

The 1999 annual conference of the National Council for Voluntary Organisations, entitled 'Third sector, third way', will discuss issues of concern to charities, young people and the voluntary sector, the future of European funding, changes in employment law, welfare reform and the New Deal.

Details: NCVO HelpDesk, 0845-600 4500.

Clinical governance

21 January, Glasgow

'Clinical governance and clinical effectiveness', part of a IBC UK healthcare conference series, is chaired by Derek Maclean, director of medical services at Dundee Teaching Hospitals trust.

Details: Liz Adele, 0171-453 5492.

Clinical information

21 January, London

17 February, Taunton

11 March, Cambridge

The NHS Executive's 'enabling people' seminars deal with clinical information issues for the NHS with presentations, support materials and feedback for participating clinicians.

Details: Enabling People Team, 0117-984 1904.

Mental health risks

27 January, London

Chief executive of Blenheim Healthcare David Somekh and Mike Chad-Smith, claims consultant at Healthcare Risk Resources International, will be speaking at a 'Mental health and risk management' event organised by HRRI to discuss the clinical and legal issues of assessing risk in mental health services.

Details: Fiona Morrison, 0171-602 7700.

Mental health buildings

28 January, London

The Royal Institute of British Architects health client forum, supported by NHS Estates, is organising a symposium on buildings for mental health. Junior health minister John Hutton will give the keynote address.

Details: Gurinder Purewall, fax 0171-436 9112.

Clinical effectiveness

1 February, Birmingham

Northern Birmingham Community Health trust is holding a conference to illustrate how clinical effectiveness initiatives can work in a community setting. The event is aimed at staff working in the community and in primary care, particularly clinical and clinical effectiveness staff.

Details: Denise Goddard, 0121-359 5566 ext 223/221.

Training the trainers

2-3 February, London;

22-23 February, London

The Family Planning Association is offering an introductory course to help trainers gain confidence and skills.

Details: Training administrator, 0171-923 5432.