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Towards better care

22 April, Preston

Guild Community Healthcare trust is holding a conference for healthcare professionals on the care for people with Huntington's disease and their families.

Details: Peter Kilgariff, 01772-861934.

Care pathways

26 April, London

The National Pathway Association is arranging a conference on 'Integrated care pathways: measurement'.

Details: Carole Cairns, 01895-836300 ext 6339.

Primary care groups

27 April, Manchester

'A practical guide to working with, and developing, the effectiveness of primary care groups' is a Healthcare Events conference.

Details: Karen Wilman, 0181-408 5234

Acute mental healthcare

29 April, Manchester

A Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health conference on 'Night and day: responding to acute mental health need around the clock' is aimed at those implementing acute service developments in home-based, day hospital and inpatient settings, middle and first line managers, commissioners, senior professionals and voluntary sector providers.

Details: Tina O'Regan, 0171-827 8384.

Hip fractures

6-7 May, Peterborough

A conference on hip fractures, organised by Peterborough Hospitals trust, covers topics such as audit and peri-operative care.

Details: M Parker, 01733-564515.

The new NHS

11 May, London; 13 May, Leeds; 15 June, Bristol

The Carers National Association training unit is running a one-day course on the implications of the new NHS for workers, policymakers, and advisers in health and social services.

Details: Liz Raymond, 0171-490 8818.

Prison nursing

12 May, London

The Royal College of Nursing's prison nurses conference will discuss 'Translating practice, transforming care'.

Details: Anna-Maria Nilsson, 0171-647 3584.

Care for older people

13 May, Leeds

'Alternatives to hospital care for older people' is a conference aiming to identify gaps in the evidence for new ways of caring for the older generation which will then inform future research agendas.

Details: Peter Lacey, 0113-295 2061.

The future of prescribing

14 May, London

'Prescribing excellence for the NHS', organised by the BMA and BMJ Publishing Group, will explore the future work of the National Institute for Clinical Excellence, the prescribing priorities of the NHS Executive and their relationship with evidence-based prescribing in clinical practice.

Details: conference unit, 0171-383 6605.

Cancer conference

14-15 May, Plymouth

The year's south-west national cancer conference is entitled 'Turning the tide: collaborative cancer care 99'.

Details: Sian Dennison or Tony Shute, 01752-763 665.