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Due to pressure on space, publication cannot be guaranteed.

Dermatology services

25 May, Ayr

The Institute of Health Services Management's Ayrshire Management Club is holding an early evening session to examine the impact on both primary and secondary care services of the 'Joint investment fund - dermatology services'.

Details: Aileen Brown, 01292-610555 ext 4581.

New role of HAs

14-15 June, Birmingham

'The new role of health authorities' is a workshop organised by Birmingham University's health services management centre with the aim of providing an opportunity for senior managers from HAs and other parts of the NHS to share thinking and experience on this critical issue. The event will bring together experience from within the NHS and the results of research in addressing many issues, including 'how will the role of HAs in future differ from the present?'.

Details: Joan Jones, 0121-414 3086.

Community sector

15 June, London

The Centre for Voluntary Organisation, part of the London School of Economics and Political Science, is organising a one- day workshop for people who work in and with the community sector entitled 'Measuring the value and effectiveness of community sector organisations'.

Details: Sue Roebuck, 0171-955 7375.


15 June, London

The Community Care Development Centre of King's College London is holding an introduction to benchmarking in primary care.

Details: Geoff Hodgson, 0171-633 0241.

Service in the community

16 June, Brighton

'A first-class service in the community', a conference for anyone interested in clinical audit and clinical effectiveness in the community, is organised by Eastbourne and County healthcare trust.

Details: Susan Powrie, 0171-771 5008.

Personality disorder

16 June, London

A Gate House conference on 'Severe personality disorder: who is responsible?' will explore the joint Department of Health/Home Office strategy for the care, treatment and support of those living with severe personality disorder. Chair will be Anne-Marie Nelson, former chair of the High Security Psychiatric Services Commissioning Board.

Details: Joy Shepherd, 0171-420 3531/3533.

MS management

18-19 June, London

A conference and workshop on 'Management of multiple sclerosis: recent advances', organised by the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, aimed at medical and rehabilitation professionals.

Details: Cheryl Clarke, 0171-837 3611 ext 3476.

Reforming NHS pay

21 June, Birmingham

This year's Annual Pay conference, 'Agenda for change - facing the challenges', addresses the issues raised by the policy for reforming the NHS pay system with health minister John Denham as keynote speaker.

Details: Tina Pearce, 0117-944 6988.