Personal medical services

12 August, London 'Personal medical services pilots: second wave' is a Primary Healthcare Development seminar covering the contracting process for second- wave pilots. It includes NHS Executive guidance, first-wave experience and workshops which will offer an opportunity to discuss financial and performance issues. Details: Susan Cope, 0113-234 3300.

Professional development

18 August, Aberdeen The Institute of Health Services Management's Grampian Management Club, together with the Management Charter Initiative, are holding an early evening session on the new continuing professional development programme, targeting junior and middle-grade managers from all backgrounds, as well as human resource professionals. Details: Ed Witkowski, 01224-663123.

Mental retardation

8-10 September, Middlesex The second European congress of the European Association for Mental Health in Mental Retardation will discuss services, training and research for people with developmental and learning disabilities. Details: Nicola Murray, 01892-519678.

PCG leadership

9-10 September, Birmingham 'Shaping the leadership - workshops for PCG chair/ chief executives' is a tightly structured programme to enable participating pairs to work on their own roles and relationships in the company of seven other pairs facing similar challenges. The event is organised by Birmingham University's health services management centre and led by June Huntingdon and Nicola Walsh.

Details: Margaret Moloney, 0121-414 7052.

Spiritual care in the NHS

13 September, Warwick King's Fund chief executive Rabbi Julia Neuberger will chair the third national conference for spiritual care in the NHS, organised by Derbyshire Royal Infirmary's national demonstration centre in rehabilitation. 'Body & Soul '99' is aimed at all healthcare professionals. Details: Peggy Jones, 01332-254679.

Casemix conference

14-15 September, Staffordshire This year's national casemix conference and exhibition, 'Casemix into the new millennium', is arranged by the NHS Information Authority in association with the NHS Confederation, the British Association of Medical Managers, the British Medical Association, the Healthcare Financial Management Association and Assist. Workshops will be held on casemix in planning and decision-making, casemix applications, primary care commissioning, benchmarking, clinical governance and measuring effectiveness.

Details: Gail Froy, 01962-844588.

Selection lottery

15 September, London The Independent Healthcare Personnel Network is holding an evening presentation on 'The selection lottery: minimising the risks'. Details: Anna Turley, 0171-486 4411.