Items are entered free for public sector, voluntary and professional organisations, but we need at least six weeks' notice of your event. Please send details to Uli Jaeger, HSJ , Greater London House, Hampstead Road, London, NW1 7EJ. Fax: 0171-874 0254.

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Cultural differences15 October, London

The Voluntary Service Overseas is holding an event on 'Refugees and the UK health system - do we really understand and respond to cultural differences?' looking at how health workers can adapt care to meet the needs of those from a different culture to our own. Details: Elizabeth Smith, 0181-780 7312.

EPR open day15 October, 10 December, Wirral

Wirral Hospital trust is organising two electronic patient record open days, reporting on the work of the EPR project over the last four years. Details: Sharon Hales, 0151-678 5111 ext 2836.

Adolescent illness16 October, Nottingham

This year's annual symposium on 'Adolescents and chronic illness - problem areas, problem cases' is a multidisciplinary event arranged by Nottingham City Hospital, open to doctors, nurses and carers in both hospital and general practice. Details: Gill Costello, 0115-962 7758.

PFI debate18 October, London

'Private finance initiatives: salvation or damnation for the NHS?' is an evening debate organised by the Royal College of Physicians. Details: conference office, 0171-935 1174 ext 252/300/436.

Working relationships 20 October, London

'Working in partnership with the new NHS' is a Pharmaceutical Marketing Society half-day meeting, examining three case studies of successful working relationships between the NHS and the pharmaceutical industry. The meeting will be chaired by Dr Mark Charney from the Centre for Clinical Audit. Details: Vivien Bennett, 01403-264898.

No Smoking Day

20 October, Birmingham;

22 October, Manchester;

26 October, London;

2 November, Leeds

No Smoking Day is running four national briefings to launch the year 2000 campaign for people working in health promotion and who are organising a local campaign in their area on the day, March 8.Details: Lisa McDonald, 0171-916 8070.

Multiskilling workshop21 October, Rotherham

A workshop for NHS facilities and estates manager on 'Successful multiskilling: learning from other sectors' is being arranged by Sheffield Hallam University. It will look at the delivery of multiskilling in sectors outside the NHS. Details: Louise Smith, 0114-225 4565.

Clinical governance18 November, London

The College of Health is holding an introductory training workshop on 'Clinical governance and involving the community' focusing on how to involve lay people. The event is aimed at non-executive members of health authorities trusts, primary care groups, community health councils and voluntary organisations. Details: Francesca Avbara,0181-983 1225.