Staff support

22 November, West Bromwich The National Association for Staff Support is holding a 'Staff support and networking' conference in association with the NHS Executive, launching the Executive's guidance, Provision of Counselling Services for Staff in the NHS. Details: NASS, 01483-771599.

PCGs and priority setting

22-23 November, Birmingham 'Primary care groups and priority setting' is a seminar with case studies, providing the first opportunity to hear the results of a study looking at the experience of GPs in setting priorities. It is organised by Birmingham University's health ser v ices management centre. Details: Joan Jones, 0121-414 3086.

Clinical governance

23 November, London The Royal College of Psychiatrists' research unit is arranging an event on 'NHS staff: the key to success in clinical governance'. Details: Sam Coombs, 0171-235 2351 ext 234.

Bullying and harassment

24 November, South Normanton A Pay and Workforce Research seminar on 'Bullying and harassment at work' is designed for anyone concerned with, or responsible for, implementing bullying and harassment policies in the workplace. Details: Ingrid Aitken, 01423-842643.

Ambulance service risk

24 November, London A Healthcare Risk Resources International seminar exploring 'Ambulance service risk management' offers managers, clinicians and paramedics from the ambulance service as speakers on topics including stress debriefing and contingency planning. Details: Fiona Morrison, 0171-220 7890.

Critical care

24 November, London A conference looking at issues in 'Critical care' is being organised by the Audit Commission. Details: Communications department, 0171-828 1212.

Diabetes in primary care

25 November, Darlington 'Diabetes care: working together', organised by the British Diabetic Association Northern and Yorkshire region, aims to promote integrated diabetes care at regional level and sharing of ideas and good practice in primary care. Details: Alison Bone, 01325-488606.

Mental health

25 November, Glamorgan 'Developing best practice around the UK in mental health acute inpatient care' is part of a programme to refocus the clinical and managerial agenda on the quality of acute inpatient care, and is being arranged by the centre for mental health services development, King's College London. Workshops will give examples of innovative practice, and the opportunity to discuss the realities of practice development in inpatient settings. Details: Liz Kurtz, 0171-633 0241.