COCHLEAR IMPLANTS 27 April, Manchester As part of the Manchester cochlear implant programme, Manchester Royal Infirmary is organising an Information day for referrers and purchasers. Details: Anne Stockbridge, 0161-276 4417.

HOSPITAL LINEN AND LAUNDRY SERVICES 28 April - 1 May, Scarborough A new chapter is the title of the Society of Hospital Linen Services and Laundry Managers' training and development forum. Details: Mr T Nelson, 01849-413110.

SHELTERED HOUSING 29 April, London The Centre for Sheltered Housing Studies is holding a conference on Managing a sheltered housing dispersed workforce. Details: Marcus Judd, 01299-404070.

BRINGING DOWN THE 'BERLIN WALLS' 29 April, London Junior health minister Paul Boateng will give the keynote address at Laing & Buisson's conference on Establishing inter-agency collaboration between health and social services. Among the topics for discussion will be health action zones and joint commissioning. Details: Catherine Horsfield, 0171-833 9123.

COMMUNITY HOSPITALS 1-3 May, Bristol Towards integration, the Community Hospitals Association's annual conference, will discuss the position of community hospitals and community services, their value and future, and learning of innovative developments throughout the UK. Details: Barbara Moore, 01460-55951.

ETHICS EVENING 7 May, London The Institute of Health Services Management, north Thames region, is holding an evening meeting on Ethics in healthcare with King's Fund chief executive Rabbi Julia Neuberger. The event is open to non-IHSM members. Details: Gillian Prager, 01438-821966.

PRIMARY CARE 7-9 May, Birmingham General practice '98 is a Sterling Events conference for everyone working within primary care. Details: Charles Edwards, 0151-709 8979.

Items are entered free for public sector, voluntary and professional organisations, but we need at least six weeks' notice of your event. Please send details to Uli Jaeger, Health Service Journal, Porters South, 4 Crinan Street, London N1 9XW. Fax: 0171-843 4670. E-mail: Due to pressure on space, publication cannot be guaranteed.