Items are entered free for public sector, voluntary and professional organisations, but we need at least six weeks' notice of your event. Please send details to Uli Jaeger, HSJ, Porters South, 4 Crinan Street, London N1 9XW. Fax: 0171-843 4670.

Due to pressure on space, publication cannot be guaranteed.

Technical solutions

28 September, London

Breaking Down Inter-organisational Barriers is a one-day conference aimed at providing the practical information management and technology strategies needed to deliver seamless care. It is aimed at those wishing to influence strategic information management and technology priorities in health and social care.

Details: Capita, 0171-222 5110.

Lifelong health

1 October, Manchester

Research into Ageing and the Medical Research Council are running a multidisciplinary conference with Manchester University addressing the challenges of longevity and the potential for improving health in later life. It asks the question: 'Can the health span be increased to meet the lengthening life span and growing expectations?'

Details: SAS Event Management, 01722-339811.

Managing Wales

1-2 October, Cardiff

The Institute of Health Services Management's Welsh division is holding its annual conference on the theme 'Change in the NHS'. Non-members are welcome.

Details: Gabrielle Wilson,


Raising clinical standards

6 October, Harrogate

Audit Commission controller Andrew Foster will be the keynote speaker at a conference organised by the Harrogate Public Sector Management Centre on the implications of clinical governance proposals for professionals and organisations. Sheffield health authority finance director and acting chief executive Mike Ridley offers a financial perspective.

Details: Liz Haw,


PAMS and the new NHS

9 October, London

The Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Management is running a conference on 'Being dynamic in the new NHS' for the professions allied to medicine. It promises 'the rules, the tools, the tips'.

Details: Angela Clayton Turner, 0171-771 5030 (fax only).

Purchasing care

12 October, London

Laing & Buisson is offering a one-day conference looking at developments in community care purchasing. Speakers include Bob Welch, consultant to the joint reviews team at the Social Services Inspectorate, on purchasing policy and best value.

Details: Catherine Horsfield, 0171-923 5392.

Learning disabilities

13 October, London

A one-day conference on the future for community learning disability teams is being organised by the community care development centre at King's College London.

Details: Geoff Hodgson,

0171-928 7994.

Opening address

15 October, Liverpool

NHS Executive North West regional chair Professor Alasdair Breckenbridge will deliver the inaugural lecture of the Liverpool Medical Institution. The session will be followed by a symposium on connective tissue disorders.

Details: administrative secretary, LMI, 0151-709 9125.