A Trent hospital has written off nearly £64,000 because a specialist computer package was not up to the job.

Leicester Royal Infirmary trust invested£63,602 in a software system that was supposed to allow access to pathology and radiology results from all wards. The software arrived, but was unable to cope with the workload.

Contracts director John Todd told a meeting of the trust board that the suppliers, ICS Medical Ltd, were given 12 months to develop software that would meet the need. But they were unable to fulfil the task.

In a report to the trust, Mr Todd said ICS Medical no longer appeared to exist. The company had been paid£63,602 on receipt of 'deliverables' set out in the contract, but after that the supplier was unable to meet requirements.

'The supplier now appears to have no software development resource... and it is recommended this project should be abandoned. The sum of£63,602 should be recorded in the annual account as a constructive loss,' the report concluded.