The government has given a lukewarm response to television executive Greg Dyke's recommendations for a new Patient's Charter.

His report, The New NHS Charter - a different approach, recommends the development of local charters backed by 'national standards' in unspecified 'key areas' and the publication of patient health information guides.

But at the launch of the report, junior health minister Baroness Hayman said: 'You wouldn't expect us to agree with everything.'

The report does little to support ministerial promises to give patients 'responsibilities as well as rights'.

Mr Dyke's report says he understands why staff feel 'undermined by irresponsible and disruptive patients'.

But it also says 'the number not turning up for appointments is more to do with flawed systems than widespread patient irresponsibility', and argues it is 'very difficult' to see how the charter could help to defeat violence.

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