Published: 01/09/2005, Volume II5, No. 5971 Page 26 27

How many of the 15 prompts for equality and human rights does your organisation meet?

The Department of Health, NHS Appointments Commission and NHS Confederation have published a guide to help promote equality and human rights.

The guide is targeted at boards and non-executive directors, and details current and imminent legislation and statistics on communities, patients and workforce.

There are 15 prompts:

Is your health equity audit (part of your local delivery plan) comprehensive?

Does it cover your entire population?

Are strategic decisions informed by business-case analyses, including riskassessments of the impact of different options on different communities?

Has your organisation made the connection between helping all groups and contributing to NHS targets and addressing priorities set out in the public health white paper?

What arrangements have you put in place to ensure compliance with the 1998 Human Rights Act?

Is your race equality scheme compliant with the act? Are routine reviews planned?

Ensure you use the Strategic Health Authority Race Equality Guide 2004 to assess and improve performance to black and minority ethnic patients, staff and communities.

Will your organisation be assessed as performing well on equality by the Healthcare Commission? Is there a risk it will be assessed as performing badly?

Does your organisation actively tackle age discrimination? Has it adopted the cornerstones of the national service framework for older people?

Ensure you are acting on the recommendations of this year's Delivering Race Equality in Mental Health Care report.

Use the You Can Make a Difference booklets that aim to improve services for disabled people.

Ensure fair commissioning, taking into account the needs that services will address, and desired outcomes.

What progress has your organisation made under the Leadership and Race Equality Action Plan?

Does your organisation meet the criteria to use the Jobcentre Plus employers' symbol (the 'two-tick' logo) for action on disability? And can it demonstrate examples of reasonable adjustments for disabled staff, patients and members of the public?

Has your organisation achieved either Practice or Practice Plus status under Improving Working Lives?

Is your organisation participating in Positively Diverse, the programme designed to support the NHS in managing equality and diversity through organisational culture change?

www. dh. gov. uk