Published: 16/09/2004, Volume II4, No. 5923 Page 18

An amusing and engaging documentary examining one man's fast decline on a fast-food diet.Steve Collins goes large

We were all a bit nervous waiting for the film to start.We'd all seen the trailers for Super Size Me, in which its star, Morgan Spurlock, vomits copiously from a car window.

He had some excuse - the documentary charts what happens when a young, healthyliving American (with a vegan girlfriend), eats nothing but McDonald's for a whole month.

Three square meals a day.

But it was a relief to find this was a funny film, made by a really delightful chap.

His input was in sharp contrast to the other over-earnest experts and business people, all busily putting their slightly dull and obvious points of view.

Spurlock also found some fantastically eccentric and really, really HUGE members of the public. I felt so much better about myself after that.

So, big news everyone - fast food is bad for you. Very bad, judging by his metabolic results over the month (liver damage and so on - this is a good film for lab folk).

But we all enjoyed the good humour, we were enchanted by Spurlock and his bonkers plan and we were revolted by the outcome.

In the same way as you have to get behind the wheel as soon as possible after an accident, I headed straight for the nearest Big Mac and fries.But, unlike the film, I didn't feel better afterwards.

Steve Collins is director of strategy for Surrey and Sussex Hospitals trust. Super Size Me is on general release.