Monitor (27 September) is in danger of giving reptiles a bad name.

Your scaly-skinned columnist really should read a story before commenting on it.

Not only does NHS personnel director Andrew Foster specifically comment on Dr Keith Anderson's case in our story, but the cross-referenced letter from him in the same issue says: 'It is unfortunate that Dr Anderson's application and subsequent appeal have taken so long and have effectively dissuaded him from pursuing a career in UK general practice.

'I am today writing to the chair of the joint committee on postgraduate training for general practice indicating that the Department of Health would welcome the opportunity to discuss with the JCPTGP ways of easing barriers to international recruitment.'

This letter from Mr Foster was in response to an earlier story in Doctor highlighting Dr Anderson's plight. Is that not an example of what Monitor describes as 'influence literally wielded by a magazine on government policy'?

Phil Johnson Editor Doctor