Published: 01/07/2004, Volume II3, No. 5912 Page 23

I am not surprised that 11 per cent of patient and public forum members have resigned (news, pages 8-9, 17 June).My forum has lost 25 per cent. The interviewing and training procedures are flawed. The most basic of promises are not being met. And we have been inundated with paperwork.

Our local support organisation is based over 40 miles away. There is no local provision of basic resources such as computer, printer or telephone.

Our forum adviser is excellent but is responsible for other forums plus a multitude of other tasks.

Fortunately we are monitoring an excellent hospital with a chief executive who welcomes us as a 'critical friend' but is this really what the government intended when it talked about full patient and public involvement?

Mick Clarke (Miss) Chair Salisbury Health Care PPI Forum