Published: 05/08/2004, Volume II4, No. 5917 Page 27

The London Deanery is to hold a conference in September on the theme of Supervision, Support and Quality in Primary Care.

Aimed at GP trainers, course organisers, deanery tutors, higher professional education tutors, non-principal tutors and associate directors, the event will be run by professionals from the Tavistock Clinic - a unique NHS institution offering specialist therapeutic interventions - and the GP Deanery.

It is designed to examine the dilemmas raised by supervision, appraisal and mentorship in primary care.

It will also seek to focus on the tensions between a reflective culture and one based on defining, monitoring and measuring clinical quality.

It will look at how case-based approaches can help people in primary care to learn in ways that produce both reflection and quality.

Presentations, work within small groups and plenary discussions will all be used.

The organisers say the conference will also be interest to GPs at all stages of their careers, including non-principals, higher professional educational doctors and those preparing for appraisal or the demands of the new general medical services contract.

Primary care clinicians, managers and educationalists with an interest in this field are also advised they will benefit from attendance.