Three cheers for Robert Royce's clear explanation of what radiographers have been doing for over a decade, encouraged by radiologists here, actively resisted there ('Image problem', 12 July). He concentrated on sonographers, but the same applies to many of our members in other imaging modalities and in radiotherapy.

Prime minister Tony Blair's rhetoric of conservatism and resistance to change finds no echo here - rather, a clear example of imaginative and modernising change delivered by NHS staff committed to a publicly-run NHS, free at the point of use. But in his headlong rush to hand over chunks of the NHS to his mates in the private sector, perhaps he doesn't want to hear about that.

Radiographers will continue to push to extend their role, delivering better services for patients at cheaper cost. The real mystery is why our workforce planners have allowed the creation of a national radiographer shortage.

We can deliver reform from the inside; we have already demonstrated the imagination and commitment.

The government must now deliver the staffing levels needed, underpinned by appropriate rewards and encouraged by a sensible career structure. None of this will be found in the private sector cul-de-sac.

John Rhodes Regional officer Society of Radiographers West Yorkshire